Tourism and autism in Italy…

Hello to everybody.

I’m really excited to open a direct channel with you, who are not italian and who live and work in different countries.

This is to explain my blog. “Our” blog, because we are two. The two of us. Chiara and me, Elisabetta.

We are friends, close friends. We decided to create a blog and to write about tourism, especially about tourism and autism.

I’m the mother of a 12 years old sweet and handsome boy. I do love my child and, as many other mothers, I’ve had (and still have) difficult times. But I’ve always been hopeful and optimistic, and my life is still worthwhile to be lived.

Why “tourism and autism”? Because, even when you have an autistic person in your family, you want a part of your life to be again a “normal” one: you may want to go sometimes out for dinner or for a walk; you may want to go to a concert or to visit some new places; may be some of you has the dream to visit Italy.

If you succede in coming to Italy we will be here. To give you all the information we can. In order to let you have a nice holiday even with the difficulties to travel with an autistic child or adult.

Please write us if you want information. We have just opened our blog, but we want to work hard to help.


Elisabetta Tonini

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